The Power of Empathy: An Engooden Care Navigator Story

"At Engooden, building relationships with patients has been the biggest part of my job. It's so important because you gain a window into their world once you gain that trust, and you can help them more. Not just physically but mentally as well." - Stephanie, Engooden Care Navigator

At Engooden, we often say that our Engooden care navigators are our superheroes. They go above and beyond every day to improve their patients' lives, advocating for them, coaching them, and proving to them that someone is invested in their wellbeing.

Our care navigator Stephanie is a seasoned healthcare professional. During her time at Engooden, she has realized how fostering a deep connection with her patients and their families helps them with their health while enriching her life.

Building a Rapport
During a recent enrollment call with a new patient, Stephanie saw the risks facing a patient feeling forgotten by the healthcare system and sprung into action. "The first time I connected with him was to get him enrolled, and it quickly escalated from there," said Stephanie. "He had given up on his health. He was overwhelmed following hand surgery, so he stopped monitoring his blood sugar and taking his medications. He was also not taking care of his wound properly, which hadn't healed after nearly two months.

He told me, 'since my surgery, I've just given up. I just don't care anymore, and I'm tired of taking care of myself.'" Stephanie continued, "I was determined to show him I was there to support him. I asked him to do me a favor while we were on the phone together and, this one time, to check his sugars for me. I told him, 'this is for my peace of mind, even if it's not for your peace of mind.'

When he checked it, it was very elevated at 535. I told him how dangerous this could be, especially since we didn't know how long his levels were that high. I reached out to his primary care provider’s care team, who walked him through an insulin regimen to lower his levels and save him a trip to the emergency room, all before he was enrolled. Later, I followed up with him. He shared that he had started wearing his continuous glucose monitor and seemed eager to regain control of his health. Now, we always joke that I'm the gentle reminder on his shoulder. I'm so happy to have made a positive difference in his health journey."

Investing in Patient Health
Engooden care navigators bring combined decades of experience in healthcare to our team. Stephanie acknowledges her unique position, saying, "I just feel so important and like a true advocate for my patients. I've worked in various offices and clinics where it's easy to get tunnel vision going about your days. You can almost lose that humanity about you in a way, and so, having real relationships with my patients is so refreshing."

Join Our Team
Having spent years working in a clinical setting, being part of a remote team has been an adjustment for Stephanie, albeit a positive one. "I did not expect to feel as close to some of my co-workers as I do," she said. "I thought it would just log in, do my job, and log out, but instead, we're chatting and Facetiming over the weekend! Between the flexibility of working from anywhere and having all these incredibly talented individuals who bring so much to this organization, it's been really lovely.”

If you're ready to make a real difference for your patients and want to establish long-lasting relationships with them, you might have the makings of a care navigator. Visit our careers page to learn more about Engooden and our amazing team of care navigators.