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Engooden's technology-driven workflows provide an effective, scalable approach to chronic care delivery. Our care navigators are equipped with the tools to spend more quality time with more patients on behalf of physician practices, helping patients achieve healthcare goals and improve quality of life.

These connections also provide physicians more visibility into the physical, social, and economic barriers to care that their patients may experience. Every encounter is shared back to practices via the EHR for full transparency.

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  • Reduce patient attrition by building rapport and trust through long-term care navigator relationships
  • Reach more rising-risk patients with multiple chronic conditions who may be unaware, unable, or unwilling to access the care they need and help prevent them from becoming high-risk patients
  • Increase utilization of existing CCM programs by reaching a larger population of patients without adding more clinical resources
  • Capture incremental practice revenue and remain competitive in risk-based healthcare models
  • Task shift non-clinical work to help reduce physician and staff burnout
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"I was helping a patient get her medication and it was taking a little longer than expected. After contacting the pharmacy and sending a telephone encounter, the patient finally got her medication today. She was SO grateful. She said, 'I am so glad to have someone on my side.'"

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