Redefining chronic disease management

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We are the only company to offer payers and providers scalable, technology-enhanced services for patients living with chronic conditions. Our approach is focused on rising risk patients – a significant population that is often difficult to reach. We are transforming the way care is delivered by providing consistent, trust-based patient engagement between office visits.

Engooden alters the trajectory of patient health outcomes with a goal to improve overall quality of life and keep patients out of the high-risk population - outcomes essential to the success of value-based care.

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The number of Americans with one or more chronic diseases is growing – along with the number of Americans aging into Medicare each year – while the number of primary care physicians is shrinking. Without significant changes, the tidal wave of patients aging into Medicare will overwhelm the American healthcare system.

1 in 4

Americans have two or more chronic conditions


Total cost of chronic disease in the U.S.


Medicare beneficiaries have multiple chronic conditions

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Physician Practices

Continue care between office visits for patients living with chronic conditions. Engooden reaches more rising-risk patients with multiple chronic conditions who may be unaware, unable, or unwilling to access the care they need.

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Health Systems

Expand chronic care management efforts to the rising risk population to more effectively manage value-based programs, boost care plan adherence and improve patient outcomes.

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Payers + ACOs

Extend reach into members’ homes through Engooden’s tech-enabled, high-touch model. By providing continuous outreach to members and automatically sharing results back to providers, Engooden helps improve quality scores, patient experience, and clinical and financial outcomes.

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Engooden’s technology-driven workflows enable our care navigators to spend more quality time with more patients on behalf of our partners. Our goal is to help patients improve their health and overall quality of life. It’s a new standard of care, the care that all patients deserve.

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Doubling Down on CCM: Why Now is the Time to Invest in Chronic Disease Management

CMS recently released its final 2022 Physician Fee Schedule, which includes a significant reimbursement increase for chronic care management (CCM) services. Learn the impact this reimbursement change has on healthcare programs that span the spectrum of fee-for-service and risk-based programs.


Make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of chronically ill patients.

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