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Many health systems and clinically integrated networks make investments in population health only to see those programs suffer from scarcity of resources. Engooden serves as a force multiplier, not only for chronic care management but for underutilized population health programs.

By offering services to more patients without the need to take on additional risk, health systems working with Engooden can more effectively convert a larger portion of the patient population into well managed patients.

Engooden care navigators help patients navigate the increasingly complex health care system. This concierge service is attractive to patients, increasing retention in a competitive market, and improving physician satisfaction, too.

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Health System Benefits

  • Identify, reach, and enroll more patients to boost care plan adherence, improve outcomes for individuals and patient cohorts
  • Improve program utilization and return on investment
  • Capture incremental revenue without additional billing resources through automated workflows that push directly into the EHR
  • Prepare for value-based care programs by gaining a better overall understanding of your patient populations
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"I have a patient that has multiple comorbidities, and we have been focusing on his Type 2 Diabetes over the last few months. When he was at the office in November, his A1C was 11.9. I'm excited to say his A1C is now down to 6.0. We are now going to focus on getting his weight down, and he has more motivation after seeing his progress."

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