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Engooden Health is a physician-approved program that pairs patients with an experienced care navigator to advocate on their behalf and help them manage the complex healthcare system. Our goal is to help patients improve their health and overall quality of life. It's a new standard of care, the care that all patients deserve.

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Through monthly phone calls and check-ins between office visits, a patient's personal care navigator will work to help them:

  • Improve quality of life by reducing blood pressure, weight, total cholesterol, HbA1c or other physician-identified health goals
  • Increase their access to care between office visits; care that follows them closely over time
  • Manage medication and help with prescription refills
  • Assist with appointment scheduling
  • Lend a listening ear through regular touchpoints, a particular help for isolated patients
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"It took you less than an hour to fix what I've been trying to fix for six weeks. I am so grateful I have someone I trust and can rely on."

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“Every month since I've started with this program, I have found that I've needed your help in some way and I am so thankful that I decided to enroll in the program for your help and support. It really has made things much easier on me and thank you!"