Cohort is now Engooden Health

More than a name, our new brand more accurately reflects who we are as a company and the impact we strive to have as an organization.

Engooden means to transform something negative into a positive; to ameliorate or improve. This is what we set out to do every day for our customers and their patients under our care. Whether it’s by helping patients manage diabetes or high blood pressure, navigating medication and prescriptions, or providing emotional support through an expected touchpoint each month, our goal is to help patients improve their health and quality of life.

Engooden is the only organization that offers the powerful combination of technology and services. That unique combination allows us to help you identify more chronically ill patients who face clinical and non-clinical barriers to care, and then improve the trajectory of their health outcomes by pairing them with knowledgeable, empathetic care navigators. When patients receive this level of care, the associated risks and cost of care are lowered, and patient satisfaction improves.

We can – and do – reach thousands of patients per organization each month, and we do not bill for time unless we speak directly to patients and spend at least 20-minutes working on their care plan. We work together with our customers to provide these services as an extension of the practice or health system. In this way, patients see the service as a benefit of the practice, and not a separate program.

If this is something your organization is interested in, is doing today on a smaller scale or has tried to do in the past with little results, maybe now is the time to work with Engooden Health.

In good hands. In good health. Engooden.