: New Feature: Prompts

We are excited to introduce Prompts, a brand-new feature in Anita where Engooden care navigators will see various recommended items to help direct conversations with their patients. These prompts are rules driven, personalized, and client-configurable for optimized patient engagement, allowing us to focus on lifestyle goals and ensure patients are getting the most timely and important information to remain as healthy as possible.

With our unique rules engine, we are able to target very specific populations of patients based on geographic location, chronic condition, diagnoses, social factors, time of year, and other patient attributes so that we can tailor our care to patients' individual needs. Taking a look behind the curtain, here are the prompt categories in Anita:

  • Engooden Prompts: These are prompts that will be displayed for all patients. These often contain compliance reminders such as confirming insurance or prompts to ensure we capture social determinants of health (SDOH) factors for newly enrolled patients.
  • Seasonal Prompts: Depending on the season or month, there are several different prompts that are relevant for specific patients. Whether it’s American Heart Month in February, Mental Health Awareness Month in May, or general flu season as we approach fall, Seasonal Prompts are extremely helpful to ensure patients are aware of the resources available to them, and that they are scheduling any vaccines or specialist appointments needed.
  • Partner Prompts: Since Prompts are customizable and configurable by customer, Partner Prompts are a great way to share specific programs, resources, or any general happenings a provider wants their patient population to know about. For example, we are already preparing for hurricane season and will be able to enable prompts for our southern patients as needed. Partner Prompts can be updated in near real-time, serving as a valuable channel for patient communications.
  • Patient Prompts: If a patient has been recently diagnosed with a new condition or has a known health factor such as mobility issues, Prompts will auto-generate a reminder to discuss this with the patient. That could mean performing a fall risk screening, confirming the patient understands their care plan and has all the medications they need, or making sure they don’t have any outstanding follow-up questions for their provider.

Prompts in Action: Air Quality Warning
With the recent wildfires sending heavy layers of smoke and ash to the New York and Connecticut regions, we added an air quality alert prompt for patients living in those regions. This temporary prompt alerted Engooden care navigators to talk to their patients, especially those with asthma and COPD, about the severity of the air quality, and provided our care navigators with specific recommendations those patients should follow.

Tips such as staying indoors, keeping windows closed, setting your air conditioner to recirculate mode, avoiding outdoor physical activity, and ensuring patients that have asthma have enough inhalers available, were top of mind for care navigators during these patient calls. After only a few days, 413 patients in the affected region utilized this prompt.


Patients’ health status can change rapidly, and often, the change can come from non-clinical factors unbeknown to their provider. Consistent patient engagement between office visits is a great way to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, and Prompts is helping us do that by providing helpful resources and patient-specific reminders directly in Anita.

If you are interested in learning more about how Engooden care navigators are helping patients manage their chronic conditions, reach out to us here.